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Navigation simulators

Navigation simulators by STSTC allow to train of watch officers, chief officers, captains and pilots serving on all direction, including: radar observation and plotting, automatic radar plotting aids , electronic charting, manoeuvring and ships control...
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  GMDSS simulator

Simulator of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Simulator of GMDSS is designed for training and examining ship radio specialists and sea navigators for a General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC)...
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  Engine Room Simulator

Engine Room Simulator

Engine Room Simulator is designed for education and training of engine personnel (second and chief engineers and ratings on the engineering watch, officers in charge of watches ). ...
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  Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (L.C.H.S)

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator(L.C.H.S)

Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator, especially designed for maritime schools, that not only meets the requirements of STCW 95 Convention, but that also trains crew members using the same control consoles and interface that they will use in the day-to-day cargo operation of the real ships (Chemical, LNG and Crude tankers) ...
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  Small Craft Simulator

Small Craft Simulator

The is designed in conformity with national and international standards and is intended for training and demonstrating of competence of navigators of sea-going and inland waterways small crafts.
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We are a reliable partner

STSTC is a developer of marine simulators for the professional training and certification of sea specialists with 1971 years. We have great experience! Our simulators are designed according to the IMO resolutions and provides training in accordance with STCW 95.

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31.06.15 | SUMACS have installed STSTC’S GMDSS Simulator “Marsim T&T 6000” at Cristal-E College, Bohol Philippines (more info). .

30.06.15 | STSTC installed Small Craft Simulator in Agricultural School of Silute (Lithuania) (more info).

17.06.15 | STSTC installed simulator Marlot D (RADAR \ ARPA \ ECDIS) in Coastal Training Center (Russia, Astrachan).

22.04.15 | STSTC installed simulator С/NTS Pro 5000 (Radar / ARPA / ECDIS) in Institute of communications (Russia, Vladivostok)(more info).

24.03.15 | STSTC installed simulator С/NTS Pro 5000 (Radar / ARPA / ECDIS) in Rybinsk River College (branch of Moscow State Academy of Water Transport)

19.01.15 | STSTC installed GMDSS simulator "MARSIM T & T 6000" in educational training center «ФГУП Росморпорт» (St. Petersburg)

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