GMDSS simulator

Simulator of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Simulator of GMDSS is designed for training and examining ship radio specialists and sea navigators for a General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC).

The GMDSS simulator provides training of GMDSS specialists according to the requirements of the IMO Resolution A.703 (17) dated 06.11.1991 and STSW 95. GMDSS simulator has certificate of equipment type approval.

Usage of the GMDSS simulator provides ship navigators with basic knowledge and skills in use of GMDSS radio equipment, improves the level of training of ship radio specialists and students. This reduces number of wrecks, helps to save lives in the sea and increases commercial effect of usage of public ship radio communications.

GMDSS simulator from NTUTC consists of:

Main advantages of our GMDSS simulator are:

  1. Capability of creation of various number voice conferences:
    • each with each;
    • pairwise;
    • all together simultaneously;
    • two, three, etc.
  2. Excellent quality of images of simulated devices.
  3. Complete set of delivery includes the program of training on a simulator.
  4. Simulation of Dial - tone by semiautomatic DSC-call.
  5. Capability management of radioexchange with pseudo-actual coast-users.
  6. Capability of reboot of a task on anyone from student's places.
  7. Simulation of actual algorithm and time-tables of activity of the following coast radio stations ( in view of transmission traffic-list ):
    • Argentina Radio;
    • Halifax Radio;
    • Lyngby Radio;
    • Saint-Lys Radio;
    • Rogoland Radio;
    • Scheveningen Radio;
    • Portishead Radio;
    • Bern Radio.
  8. Simulation of a system MARITEX.
  9. Simulation of activity of EPIRBs (VHF, KOSPAS-SARSAT, Inmarsat-C) and SART.
  10. Indication of activity of the transponder (SART) on a screen of the radar.
  11. Simulation of permeability of radio waves in view of frequency, distance, time of day and season.
  12. Simulation of acoustic noise.
  13. Simulation of a signal "Free channel" and sound tracking of transmission of the information by radiotelex

GMDSS simulator provides training and check knowledge of the following procedures:

  1. Distress communication:
    • transmission distress alerting by DSC:
      • transmission of ship-to-shore distress alerting;
      • distress alert relay;
    • reception and confirm alert distress by DSC:
      • confirm of reception by telephone;
      • confirm of reception by NBDP;
      • confirm of reception by coast station;
      • confirm of reception by ship station;
  2. Urgency and safety information:
    • preparation and transmission of the urgent messages;
    • transmission of shore-to-ship safety signal.
  3. Reception/transmission of public correspondence.
  4. Imitation of check of the DSC equipment in an ether
The GMDSS Simulators can be also integrated with navigational bridge simulators.


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