Engine Room Simulator ERT 4000

Engine Room Simulator ERT 4000 - networked PC-based simulator with on-screen presentation of control panels for Ship's Diesel Propulsion Plant Simulator is designed for education and training of engine personnel (second and chief engineers and ratings on the engineering watch, officers in charge of watches ).

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ERT 4000 is executed for 2 type of vessel:

Vessel with one medium speed engine,
directly driving on the shaft

Main characteristics Value
Length max
91. 5 m
15.2 m
5.65 m
Type of Main Engine
8 ZD 72/48
2850 кWt ( 3880 hp )
Rotational speed
214 rpm


Vessel with two high speed engine, driving on the shaft through couplings
Main characteristics Value
Length max
62.25 m
13.8 m
4.8 m
Type of Main Engines
8 VD 26/20 Al - 2
2 x 882 кWt ( 1200 hp.)
Rotational speed
1000 rpm
ERT 4000 is intended for formation of the following professional skills:
  • Preparation of systems of ship power plant to work
  • Start-up main and auxiliary engines
  • Maintenance of nominal values of parameters of work Power Plant at various external conditions, deviations from regular modes of operations and failures in units
  • Diagnostics and trouble shooting

In ERT 4000 the real failures are simulated (150 failures for one type of a vessel and 140 - for another).

As against existing simulators of a similar class, ERT 4000 has two features:
1) presence of automated control system of knowledge;
2) presence of models influences on technical and diagnostic characteristics of internal combustion engines (ICE) of the following operational factors:

  • Relative change of temperature of air in blow-off receiver
  • Relative change of average pressure of fuel in burner
  • Relative change of a angle of advance of ignition of fuel
  • Relative change of a compression ratio
  • Relative change of pressure at the moment of a beginning of compression
  • Pressure of atmospheric air
  • Pressure loss of air on an entrance in turbo-compressor
  • Losses in system gas exchange of the engine
  • Backpressure in the pipe-line for turbo-compressor
  • Ambient temperature
  • EFFICIENCY of the turbine
  • EFFICIENCY of the compressor
  • Temperature of sea water
  • Relative humidity of air
  • Relative change of resistance in system of gas exchange ICE
  • Relative change backpressure for turbo-compressor
  • Relative change resistance in the air filter of turbo-compressor


ERT 4000 consists of:

16 workplaces and one place of the instructor .
All places are equipped with the system block, monitor, keyboard, manipulator such as "”mouse", by stereo speakers and system of telephone communication. Instructor's place is connected by phone with trainee's workplace. On a workplace of the instructor are in addition established the printer and digital projector allowing to deduce all working information on the projective screen, about the purpose of realization lecture employment(occupations), clarifying and discussions with the trainees of the tasks etc.

Simulator can work in 3 modes:

  • mode with the automated control of knowledge;
  • mode without the automated control of knowledge;
  • demonstration mode (only for the instructor).

More information

Instructor's workplace
Operator's workplace
Training mode

At the request of the Customer is possible the one-computer version (MARPOW).