Navigation simulators

Navigation and Radar simulators from NTUTC are designed to satisfy a variety of training needs from single PC training programs to full-mission complexes, including ARPA/Radars, ECDIS, GMDSS equipment , real ship controls, 3D-visualisation, AIS and navigational aids (GPS, Loran-C).

NTUTC navigation simulators are essential mean to provide successful training and education for both beginners and experienced mariners.

NTUTC navigation simulators are designed according to the IMO resolutions and provides training in accordance with STCW 95 in:

  • Radar observation and plotting
  • Automatic radar plotting aids
  • Electronic charting
  • Manoeuvring and ships control


NTUTC offers the following types of navigation simulators:

marine simulator

Full-mission bridge simulator

marine simulator/Navigation simulator NTS-Pro4000(Radar/ARPA)

Radar/ARPA software-hardware training complex

marine simulator/Navigation simulator

Simulator of hovercraft

marine simulator/Navigation simulator

Simulator for working out tasks of motion control of the small landing hovercraft

Navigating simulators can be grouped according to requirements of any customer