Navigation simulators/ NTS-Pro 4000 (FMBS)

Instructor's workplace

The Instructor's working place consists of two PCs of Pentium II type, up to 9 monitors (screens for visualization) and printer .
 full mission bridge simulator NTS-Pro4000(FMBS) / Instructor's workplace
  • To set the starting data of exercise
  • To alter the displacements of own ships, coordinates and parameters of targets motion and external effects
  • To complicate the navigational situation by entering of: radar interference, weather conditions, coastline, new targets, shadow sectors and yawing
  • To control the radar and radio interference
  • To freeze the exercise for debriefing and to continue the exercise from the breakpoint
  • To play back the exercise in real and fast time

On the instructor's monitor the following parameters are displayed:

  • ships' course, speed and coordinates;
  • bearing and distance from own ships to targets;
  • closest approach distance and time of approach of own ships to the targets;
  • time elapsed since the start of exercise and its number;
  • wind and stream direction and speed;
  • surface situation in absolute or relative (connected with one of own ships) system of co- ordinates;
  • trajectories of all vessels.

The co-ordinates of vessels as well as the chart of water area with the vessels trajectories can be printed at the instructor request for analysis of operators actions.

Instructor's workplace can work in GMDSS mode, performing functions of Coastal Radio Station, Rescue Control Center and Control Room of Port.


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