Electronic Chart Display and Information System

The Electronic Chart Display and Information systems (ECDIS) are extremely efficient mean of navigation, which significantly reduce the workload of the officers on watch, thus allowing them to devote more time to the observation of the surroundings and to the navigation of the ship. The ECDIS is unique means of navigation, particularly as far as the automatic activation of the alarm signal upon the detection of dangerous objects marked on the chart is concerned. Considering that nearly 50% of all accidents are the result of navigational errors (this figure varies significantly depending on the region), the cost of the cartographic systems is undoubtedly justified.


It is a shipboard system. The system meets the IMO standard for ECDIS and the standard IEC 61174. SAFENAV-3 can use the official electronic charts, produced by hydrographic offices in S-57 format of third version as well as the CM-93 electronic charts of third version from the company C-MAP compatible with S-57/3 format. The library consists of more than 14000 electronic charts, covering all regions of World Ocean and majority of navigational waterways. Such combination permits to use the ECDIS immediately after installation if the official charts for the areas are absent.
SAFENAV-3 permits to present the electronic charts both: in S-52/3 format and the traditional paper charts in IHO INT1 standard.

ECDIS SAFENAV-3 permits to work at full the route:
  • Graphical and tabular (rhumb track and great circle) route plotting
  • Schedule calculation with allowance of anchorage in intermediate ports and the amount of rise in critical areas (the C-MAP database presents tide information at more than 3000 points, what allows to calculate automatically the variations of sea level on the fixed date)
  • Automatic route safety check according to detailed, updated charts
  • Chart lifting in surrounding of course applying the user's special objects
  • Plotting of points, when approaching to which the system will signal to navigator for example: lighthouse beam passing, the approach to point of pilot meeting, the mandatory report when approaching to regulated navigation area
  • Possibility of synchronous demonstration of chart and three dimensional model of sea bottom permits to class the characteristics of narrow passage

During the navigation SAFENAV-3 plots a route, provides the ships control, determines and displays dangerous/safe course sector according to electronics charts data, alarms when approaching to dangerous areas or areas, closed to navigation , alarms when the ship swerves out the route, approaches to turn / control point. The navigator can solve the cartometric problems, adjust the cursor for tracking the range and bearing to them, the radar targets presentation, diagram of depth, echo sounded. The system permits present simultaneously in different windows the water area in different scales, three dimensional image of sea bottom with ship's check point, the curve of sea level variations, the navigation data and the information to intended route motion, the system state indicators, the cartographic objects information.

System functions and possibilities:

  • Route planning
  • Route safety check
  • Route monitoring
  • Automatic ship tracking
  • Logging and recording of targets (optional)
  • Nautical chart catalogue
  • Base, Standard and Full display of Playback of recorded navigational electronic charts
  • Mariner's objects database
  • Anti grounding and other Navigational alarms, required for ECDIS
  • Colour palette, selectable by operator
  • Electronic Range/Bearing cursor
  • Navigational sensor's and manual drift and current input
  • Playback of recorded navigational situations

The SAFENAV-3 system can receive information from the following type of sensors:

  • GPS in formats RMC, GLL and VTG
  • Loran C
  • Magnetic compass
  • Gyro, north seeking
  • Gyro, non-north seeking
  • Doppler or correlation speed log
  • Electromagnetic speed log
  • Mechanical speed log
  • Pressure speed log
  • nmea Autopilot output

NTS-Pro 4000 (ECDIS)

The NTS-Pro 4000 (ECDIS) is a PC based simulator of electronic chart display and information system. ECDIS simulator has been designed to meet the growing need for professional training of ECDIS operators.

The simulator allows a mariners to achieve the following:

ECDIS enters in structure navigating simulators NTS- Pro 4000(Radar/ARPA) ,NTS- Pro 4000(FMBS), SDV-1, SDV-2


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