About company

The our scientific and technical simulator training centre (NTUTC Ltd) was founded in 1971 year. In 1973 the fishery simulator (first in USSR) was designed. In this year the regular training on the this simulator began.

In 1976 the full scale simulator for ship engineers maintaining the shipboard power plant (SPP) fishing freezer trawler of a type "Atlantic" was designed. Later on a series of simulators SPP for various types of vessels were created: a full scale and PC based .

The first radar simulator was created in 1979 and has become basis for duplicating them in branch. In period since 1981 for 1985 the centre was parent organization in branch on development, manufacturing and delivery of training engineering.

Since 1990 the training Centre has become independent organization, and since 1993 - private company.

The wide application capabilities of our simulator make it the correct solution for maritime colleges and academies, training centres, crewing agencies. For today the training centre delivered on the home and foreign market (see full-scale picture) more than 200 simulators of various types and 15 one-computer instruction systems.

All NTUTC simulators are designed in strict accordance with international requirements and have been certified. Four dissertations was defended by our staffers, 19 copyright certificates on the inventions was received in the centre. The centre has set of the scientific publications.

More than 10 thousand of the ship specialists were trained in our training centre.


The work of the centre is distinguished by flexible price policy in work with the Customer. The firm gives a complete spectrum of services on start and service delivered simulators, carries out guarantee service.

Our success in high quality of production, application of progressive computer technologies, rich practical experience and rallied work of the professionals!