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Radar simulators

N Version Country, city Customer
1 Radlot-89 Ukraine, Sevastopol Industrial Association SPORP "Atlantic"
2 Radlot-89 Ukraine, Odessa Black Sea Industrial Association "Antarctic"
3 Radlot-89 Lithuania, Klaipeda Base of Trawl Fleet
4 Radlot-89 Russia, Yakutsk River College
5 Radlot-89 Russia, Osetrovo River College
6 Radlot-89 Latvia, Riga Base of Refrigerator Fleet
7 Radlot-89 Russia, Moscow State Academy of Water Transport
8 Radlot-89 Estonia, Tallinn Industrial Association "Estrybprom"
9 Radlot-89 Russia, Kertch Industrial Association "Kertchrybprom"
10 Radlot-89 Russia, Cherepovets River College
11 Radlot-89 Russia, Astrakhan Caspian Seaworthy College
12 Radlot-89 Russia, Kaliningrad Association " Kaliningradrybprom"


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