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Full mission bridge simulator - NTS-Pro 4000

Full mission bridge simulator NTS-Pro 4000 provides acquiring and perfection of professional skills of cadets and navigators on shore. Simulator has certificate of equipment type approval

Full mission bridge simulator provides training in programs:

RADAR OBSERVATION AND PLOTTING - in accordance with STCW 95 and A.482(12) IMO Resolution dtd 19 November 1981;

AUTOMATIC RADAR PLOTTING AIDS - in accordance with STCW 95 and A.482(12) IMO Resolution dtd 19 November 1981;

MANOEUVRING AND SHIP CONTROL - in accordance with STCW 95;

Using the full mission bridge simulator provides:

  • visual estimation of surface and radar situation, defining the elements of vessel's motion
  • selecting and executing manoeuvres to provide vessels passing each other at open sea and in narrow situations at night and day as well as under restricted visibility, using radar and ARPA
  • using data received from radar, ARPA and ECDIS
  • accuracy in estimating of original and secondary information, received from ARPA, estimation of the factors affecting the ARPA's accuracy and delay of creation of secondary radar information
  • estimation of the navigational situation by visual observations at daytime, by navigation lights at night and by observation of echoes movements on the Plan Position Indicator (PPI) imitator under restricted visibility condition
  • visual estimation of the ships operational description, their dimension and manoeuvrability
  • pilotage under complex navigational situation at day and night and under restricted visibility conditions.



bridge simulator

Simulator consists of:

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