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Instructor's workplace of GMDSS simulator

GMDSS simulator/ Instructor's workplace

Instructor's workplace includes the following:

  • Pentium PC of a standard configuration;
  • Color monitor;
  • Printer;
  • Radiotelephony imitator;
  • Audio equipment.

The software of the Instructor's workplace allows the instructor to train the operators in use of the GMDSS equipment.


  • RCC, ship and coast stating assignment;
  • Assignment of working groups;
  • Scenario editor;
  • Registration of working groups;
  • Log module with possibility to print out and create archives;
  • Window for listening/monitoring of the radiotelephone traffic including the possibilities to intervene in the radiotelephone traffic;
  • The possibility to introduce noise from a list;
  • Electronic chart with ships position indication and change the position, course and speed;
  • Full monitoring of any trainee workplace;
  • Connection to external printer;
  • Connection to active speaker to watch channels simultaneously;
  • Providing functions of a coast telex or phone subscriber, coast radio station and RCC operator from the log window;
  • Status window of all the instruments at any workplace;
  • Recording and playback of telephone communications;
  • Database on the coast radio stations, NAVTEX and MSI stations and INMARSAT shore based stations plotted on the chart;
  • Information on the GMDSS Sea Areas on the chart;
  • A rough estimate of the radio waves propagation in the selected frequency band.


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