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Engine Room Simulator ERT 4000

The workplace of the instructor

Engine Room Simulator

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Operator's workplace
Training mode
  • To keep a register of groups
  • To start of various work modes
  • To send failures on one, two ... or all workplaces
  • To load training tasks on one, two ... or all workplaces
  • To compose of own tasks and their editing
  • To send operational parameters of work of the engine on workplaces
  • To monitor of workplaces (presence of failures, status of the valves, pumps, parameters of work of systems etc.);
  • To stop and continue the training
  • To change of a status of valves and switches of pumps on a workplace during a training;
  • To start of the engine on workplaces with the purpose of research of influence of operational parameters of the engine on quality of its work (without preliminary preparation of providing systems)
  • To speak on/ the telephone with everyone trained or with all together.

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