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Engine Room Simulator ERT 4000

Mode of training

      ERT 4000 can work in 3 modes:

  • a network mode with the automated control of knowledge;
  • a network mode without the automated control of knowledge;
  • a demonstration mode (only for the instructor).

In mode "Network mode without the automated control of knowledge" the instructor is given full freedom to take actions that will result in failures or emergencies. These scenarios can be defined for individuals or groups and the instructor can monitor each one and stop and continue training as desired. The instructor has the opportunity to change the position of valves and switches and this can increase motivation and interest by creating a competitive, almost game-like atmosphere whilst still providing valuable technical training, particularly in the case of emergencies.

It is important, that in the educational process trained may carry out technical examinations most typical of cases of emergencies. Analysis separate fragments can make the contents of interesting practical employment, increase level of motivation, interest in achievement of the best results.

In a mode "Automated control of knowledge" trained are showed educational of a task of various complexity. Beginning to work in this mode, the trained decides a test task. If he decides it, the following stage - presentation of more difficult task. Otherwise - easier one. The process of the decision of tasks passes so long as trained will not reach some reference level. In compilation of tasks, definition of their optimum sequence accuracy of modeling problem situations the teachers, experts in investigated area took part; were used the general educational and special programs of educational institutions.
Results of the decision of tasks are fixed on workplaces as the protocols, and also are sent on working place of the instructor.

In "Demonstration mode" the instructor has an opportunity to remove all working information on the projective screen. In it mode instructor workplace function as a workplace trained, that allows him to explain work of systems and blocks, influence of failures on work of system etc.

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