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Simulator is intended for:
  • Formations of skills on management of the hovercraft in single sailing, including placing onto air cushion and its fitting on the water or on solid ground;
  • Formations of skills on management of the hovercraft given emergency and failures in equipment;
  • Visual definition of types of the ships, their maneuverable performances in group sailing;
  • Analysis of surface situation under diurnal and nocturnal conditions, under restricted visibility conditions according to visual observation and radar/ARPA data.


Operator's working place (bridge) with subsystem:
  • 3 PC Intel Celeron 1800
  • Printer A3 and - Printer A4
  • 2 Monitor 21' and Monitor 17'
  • UPS
  • Set Network's equipment
  • Set Software with set of situational tasks
Following effects and elements are simulated:
  • Water area size 100x100 nautical mile(nm) in open sea and 25x10nm in coastal waters with 3D-visualisation;
  • Up to 2500 stationary objects ( trees, stones, beacons, crags, homes, ect. );
  • Up to 25 vessels with speed up to 100 knots;
  • Aircrafts;
  • The day time, morning, evening and night conditions of sailing are simulated by smooth variation of brightness from night (0 units) to day time (100 units);
  • Sailing in restricted visibility condition is simulated by smooth variation its from 0 to 20 nm;
  • Wind of any direction and speeds, gust of wind, roll of the sea;
  • Stream of any direction and speeds;
  • Failures in control system of flaps of pressure apparatus and other equipment;
  • Radar/ARPA;
  • ECDIS based electronic chart CM93/3 of C-MAP firm ( ;
  • Radar and visual image is equivalent to data charts;
  • Simulator of GMDSS.

     The software of simulator allows to create any new areas of globe for sailing. Simulator has 3 work mode:

  1. Editing of training tasks;
  2. Training;
  3. Training analysis.



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